Delivering a no nonsense business electricity comparison service for over a decade.

Business electricity comparison solutions with competitive prices and professional service…

Partner with Direct Power for knowledgeable electricity contract advice, competitive prices and easy contract procurement. You have a business to run, our business is electricity. Together we will save you time and money, making your business electricity comparison a piece of cake.

Each Associate at Direct Power has over a decade of experience helping UK clients with their electricity needs. We will help you to secure competitive electricity prices, provide you with a thorough business electricity comparison, while highlighting electricity suppliers that offer competitive prices and professional customer service. We will work with you to proactively review electricity price options when the timing is right, match you with an electricity contract that suits your unique needs and preferences.

We make your business electricity comparison as easy as 1, 2, 3. Securing an electricity contract should not take up too much of your time, nor cause you any degree of stress. In fact, many of our clients spend less than five minutes reviewing and securing their electricity contract thanks to all the behind the scenes effort of their Direct Power account manager.

Below outlines what a typical client will experience when securing an electricity contract via Direct Power. We break it down into “The Easy Part”… your role, and “The Hard Part”… our role.

The Easy Part… your role!

You authorise Direct Power to investigate prices.


Grab a cup and tea and put your feet up.


Direct Power Account Manager will go electricty “shopping” according to the client’s needs.


Together, you and your Direct Power account manager will review options to determine the best fit, this only takes a minute or two.


Finally, you sign your chosen contract, securing competitive electricity prices with minimal effort.


Pat yourself on the back for all the time and money you just saved.

The Hard Part… Direct Power’s role!

Familiarising ourselves with your evolving electricity requirements, ensuring you are on an appropriate tariff.


Work with multiple suppliers to drill down prices to competitive levels.


Present a business electricity comparison with various renewal options for your review.


Help you to determine which contract is the best fit.


Prepare your chosen contract for signature.


Handle all aspects of contract booking, supplier transfer and ongoing account management.

Your electricty contract will be done and dusted with minimal fuss. You can rest assured that you had an electricity professional do your gas due diligence for you, and can look forward to a competitive electricity contract backed up by professional customer service.


What sets us apart from our competition...

Account Manager

When you work with Direct Power you will have a direct line to a dedicated account manager. Your manager will see you through the entire procurement process, as well as be at your disposable for as long as you elect to work with us.


Close working relationship with multiple suppliers enabling us to take advantage of market dips, react quickly to favourable price anomalies, drill down prices to their most competitive level.

Capacity Review

Review capacity demand to identify if a supply can save money with a lower capacity.


Advise clients on contract lengths to move away from renewing at times when prices are historically higher.


Multiple sites, multiple bills, no longer means multiple problems when partnering with Direct Power. We help multi site clients each year to save money and massive amounts of administration time by arranging consolidated electricity contracts and bills. Yes, it is a pain to do, but the good news is that the pain is borne by your Direct Power account manager, not you!

MOP Contracts

Assistance with Meter Operator (MOP), contracts, to ensure competitive MOP prices and professional service.


Continual monitoring of the wholesale electricity market and forward curves to avoid negotiating in periods of inflated prices and volatile trading.


In depth analysis of the market rates, spend over the proposed contract period, and options for supply on your site based on the business electricity comparison report.

Green Energy

Assistance with ‘green’ electricity as and when required by the consumer.

Here’s what we won’t do…



We won’t upsell you with reports or files that you don’t need, nor have the time to review. In the end, you want the most competitive electricity contract, and confusing reports add little to no value.


Churn & Burn

We want to partner with you for the long term. Many clients have partnered with Direct Power for over a decade. In such a competitive market, our client loyalty is something we are proud of and strive to maintain through our excellent service.


Bombard You

We won’t inundate you with unnecessary information and options. We want to streamline your electricity renewal, saving you time and money.

Don’t go it alone. We negotiate electricity contracts on a daily basis, and have knowledge and experience at our fingertips. All our skills and effort will be channeled to your business electricity comparison, as we help you make the right electricity choice for your organisation!

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