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ESOS stands for “Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme”. As of now, you qualify for ESOS if your business employs 250 or more people, or employs less than 250 people but turns over more than £40 million a year AND has more than £34 million on the balance sheet. If your business qualifies as per these parameters, you must to engage in an energy assessment every four years, as well as notify the Environment Agency that you are compliant. We work with qualified lead assessors that can help facilitate your energy assessments. More detailed information on ESOS can be found on our blog page, while official government mandates can be found here.

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Capacity Review

Larger consumers will be familiar with capacity charges on their bills, unfortunately not everyone understands the nature of this charge, and it is common for consumers to be paying for more capacity than is needed. If your maximum demand falls below your Agreed Supply Capacity (ASC), you are paying for more capacity than you need. At Direct Power we work with all our larger clients to review their ASC, ensuring it is set at an appropriate level. Over the years, this exercise has saved some of our clients thousands of pounds. The aim is simple, pay for what you need and no more. This exercise is very important if you have recently moved location or improved the efficiency of your operations. You want to ensure your ASC reflects current and anticipated usage, not historical usage.

If you have questions about your capacity please get in touch, we will be happy to review your needs and investigate the potential for savings.

Energy Audits

Direct Power can facilitate participation in a national, government funded programme that provides companies and other organisations with advice on energy efficiency. Highlights of the programme include: Government funding for energy conservation projects, Many areas of savings potential do not require capital to implement, Typical 20%-30% site savings potential identified in energy costs and usage.

Speak to a Direct Power consultant to see how you can register your business for an Energy Conservation Programme.

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