Still waiting on a new connection?

Are you moving into a new site, expanding your business, developing a site, in need of a temporary builders supply, improving your efficiency?

All are common reasons behind the need for a new connection, or a new meter. Co-ordinating a new connection and/or new metering is renowned to be tedious and time consuming exercise. Why struggle with this process when Direct Power can sail you through it. Direct Power can take the headache out of all your new connection and metering needs.

Are you a developer fed up with the new connection run-around?

Let Direct Power assist you, freeing up your time and helping you meet deadline dates.

Do you need a Temporary Builders Supply?

We have a long track record of helping with Temporary Builder Supply connections and metering, call us to explain your requirements so we can help you keep your project moving forward.

Direct Power can help with the organisation and preparation of all gas metering and new electricity connection projects, including:

Supply & Installation

The supply and installation of all types of meters from simple diaphragm models to the most sophisticated turbine installations across all pressure tiers.


Every aspect of meterwork including replacement, testing, removal and the isolation of supply points.


Quotations for the design, supply and installation of meters within 48 hours of an enquiry for standard low and medium pressure meter rigs.

Electricity Connections

New Half Hourly electricity connections.
All work is completed by Ofgem Approved Meter Installer and an Ofgem Approved Meter Asset Manager. More and more businesses are opting for the excellent service and lower costs provided by independent consultants such as Direct Power over former monopoly suppliers of gas mains, meters, and meter servicing.

MOP Contracts:

A Meter Operator, or “MOP”, is responsible for installing and maintaining the meter. MOP contracts are required for all Half Hourly Meters. This is a separate from the supply contract which covers the monthly bills. A five year term is a typical duration for a MOP, so it quite common to forget about the MOP during the interim years. Contact us for more information on securing competitive Meter Operator Contracts, we will ensure that all relevant parties are informed of the correct MOP details.

Find out how we can help generate savings on your companies gas & electricity bills.