Getting a New Meter Connection Shouldn’t be this Hard!

With the UK economy improving we have noted an upturn in the number of clients requesting a new meter connection as their businesses grow and expand. But things are never straightforward. It seems that the current infrastructure and utility market in the UK is not set up to help business users through this process.  It’s seems as if you need an electrical engineering degree in order to speak to the companies that assist in this process. Unfortunately, because of this, business owners are often stuck with extensive delays due to miscommunication on their actual new meter connection needs.

At Direct Power we make the new meter connections process easy and efficient for you. New connections don’t happen overnight, especially for the larger connections. The good news is that Direct Power has over a decade of experience helping industrial and business customers through the new gas connection and new electricity process.  Our aim is to take the headache out of what can be a rather time consuming and complicated process. We will liaise with Distribution, Supplier, Meter Operator on your behalf, so you speak to a single person instead of multiple people to action the new connection. Don’t get bogged down with a new connection, get in touch with Direct Power to learn how we can help you and receive a bespoke quote.

Let's get your new meter connection sorted...