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Congratulations, the landlord or former owner of your recently acquired site has advised us that they are moving out, and you are moving in!

We know just how stressful a relocation can be. We are not offering to help you unpack the boxes, but we are offering to help you handle all the energy related tasks associated with the move. This includes: electricity, gas, metering, capacity, CCL set up, etc.

Given that we worked with the previous occupant, we have already informed the electricity/gas/meter providers of the changeover at the site. This means the outgoing occupant is billed for their usage and you will be billed for your usage.

Since we managed all the energy needs for the former occupier, we are perfectly qualified to help you quickly and easily. Don’t just take our word for it, I am sure the former occupier of your site will give our service a ringing endorsement. Additionally, you can learn all about who will help you and the services we can offer you.

Following industry wide protocols, when the current supplier logs the Change Of Tenancy, the electricity, gas, plus metering are placed on very expensive Out Of Contract rates. Some suppliers refer to these Out Of Contract rates as Variable Business Rates (VBR), Deemed Rates or Default Rates. Regardless of the name, these out of contract rates are expensive and will be applied to all your consumption until such time as you secure and start a contract in your own business name. You are not obliged to secure a contract with the same supplier, although in most cases this is a good idea as they are the only ones able to minimise the amount of time you spend out of contract.

Additionally, if the supply has a Half Hourly electricity meter you need to arrange a Meter Operator, Data Collector/Data Aggregator in order to avoid paying expensive default charges for these required services.

Do not worry about these expensive Out Of Contracts rates, we can help you avoid them. All we ask for is a prompt response as timing is of the essence to minimise your costs. Since we already worked on the site for the former occupant we are very familiar with its set up and will be able to save you significantly compared to the Out Of Contract Rates.

Perhaps even more importantly, we will take the headache and hassle out of this process for you.

In summary, if you just moved into a site we managed for the former occupier, and you want to save time and money, all you have to do is:

• DocuSign an authorisation form so we can prepare prices for your review.
• Review price options and advise which contract you prefer we send you for acceptance.
• Most importantly: don’t struggle with this… call us to discuss your requirements.

Remember, we are here to help you to the best of our ability. All we ask for is prompt responses. Prices can change daily and the sooner we can get you on a contract the sooner you stop paying expensive Out Of Contract Rates.

We look forward to working with you on the energy needs for your new site. Here is to saving you time, worry, work and money on your move!

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