Electricity to sites under construction…

Here at Direct Power we have 16+ years of experience helping the construction industry arrange Temporary Builders Supplies. What is a Temporary Builders Supply? There are two main categories: Small and Large Temporary Builders supplies.

Small Temporary Builders Supply, 70kVa or less.
Most Small Temporary Builders supplies occur when:
• Power is needed during a small scale construction project to power basic tools and lighting.
• To provide power to a temporary building such as a site cabin.
• To bridge the gap between a demolition and construction of replacement structure.

Smaller scale projects tend to be straight forward. First you liaise with the Distribution Company to arrange for the connection and cabling, Direct Power can help you with this process. Once the connection is agreed you are issued with a 13 digit MPAN number. At this stage Direct Power will help you to arrange the Temporary Business Supply contract and metering. Metering cannot occur without securing a supply contract first.

Once you inform Direct Power of your Small Temporary Business Supply requirements we can make all the arrangements for your approval and acceptance. This ensures the process is as easy and efficient as possible.

Large Temporary Business Supply, 70kVa or more.
As above, but for construction projects with larger electricity demand, such as
• Larger scale developments, multi-unit projects.
• Power to site offices.
• Power to operate heavy machinery required during construction.

The steps are similar to coordinating a smaller scale supply, with the addition of a Meter Operator (MOP) contract. Direct Power can handle both the Supply and MOP contract to facilitate your meter install as efficiently as possible.

Get in touch to discuss your specific Temporary Builders Supply requirements today. Whilst not essential, it would help if you have the below information ready to share so we can get to work immediately:

1. Site address.
2. Site contact name, telephone, e-mail.
3. MPAN number: 13 digit supply number issued by your Distribution Company when you request a new supply. (If you are yet to procure the MPAN number we can still help, just get in touch).
4. Preferred Meter install date, remember that the cable has to be installed first.
5. Do you require a single or three phase meter?
6. Is the supply Whole Current (WC), or Current Transformer (CT). If CT, what is the ratio? The Distributor can confirm these details for you.
7. Anticipated annual electricity consumption in kWh? If unsure, Direct Power can offer guidance.
8. The Authorised Supply Capacity(ASC), as set by the Distribution company? This is the kVa figure found on the Connection Agreement with the Distributor.
9. Site Plan showing the meter location and North directional arrow.

We know building can be stressful, and building whilst trying to co-ordinate your own power installs even more so. Don’t spend time worrying or working on this, get Direct Power to assist and you will save time, money and worry.

De-energise or Hand Over of Temporary Builders Supply:
Not only can Direct Power help you get the power on, we can also help you power off, or pass on the supply to the ultimate long term occupier of the site once construction is complete. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

We are waiting to hear how we can help your next construction project and accommodate all your temporary builders supply needs!

Need a Temporary Builders Supply?