Big energy user, big savings on CCL…

Get your CCL exemption! Since 1 April 2014, taxable commodities used in mineralogical or metallurgical processes have been exempt from the main rates of climate change levy (CCL). The exemptions ensure the UK tax treatment of highly energy intensive processes is in line with tax treatments elsewhere in the EU, thereby reducing any distortion of competition.

Mineralogical and metallurgical processes is quite a tongue twister. Simply put, if your energy consumption is related to any of the below fields, please get in touch straight away for assistance claiming CCL relief:

Stone Cutting
Metal Production
Metal Casting
Metal Powders
Coating Metals

A thorough list of the mineralogical and metallurgical processes that qualify for relief and exemptions can be found here.

At Direct Power we will work with you and the supplier to ensure you get the appropriate CCL relief going forward. Where relevant we can assist you with back dating the relief up to four years. From 01-Apr-20 to 31-Mar-21, CCL is 0.811 p/kWh Electricity and 0.406 p/kWh Gas, so it quickly adds up!

If you operate in the glass, metal, cement, ceramic fields and want to save on the CCL, simply:

• Confirm if your usage qualifies by checking section 2 & 3, or contacting Direct Power for guidance.
• Contact Direct Power for assistance completing PP10 & PP11 forms.
• Submit PP10 & PP11 forms to HMRC as well as your supplier, and await your relief.
• Remember to review your CCL relief on an annual basis, if circumstances have changed an updated form is required. If not, you only have to submit updates every five years.
• Work with Direct Power to prepare a new PP11 form each time you switch supplier.

Still have questions? For assistance on a CCL exemption get in contact and let Direct Power hold your hand through the process!

Don't get stuck paying CCL...