Opus Energy’s Transition: What You Need to Know….

In a recent development, Opus Energy has made a strategic decision to discontinue quoting flexible electricity contracts. This shift has implications for businesses seeking flexible energy solutions and for those hoping to renew their existing Opus flexible contract. What does this mean for their customers?

Existing Customers:

  • If you are currently an Opus Energy customer with an active contract, rest assured that your existing agreement will be honoured until its expiration date. Opus Energy will not prematurely terminate any live contracts.
  • However, once your contract term ends, you will no longer have the option to renew with Opus Energy for flexible electricity supply.

New Customers:

  • Unfortunately, Opus Energy will no longer offer new flexible electricity contracts. If you were planning to secure a flexible contract with Opus Energy, it’s time to explore other options.
Introducing Direct Power: Your Solution for Flexible Electricity Contracts

Why Choose Direct Power?

  • Flexible Contract Options: Direct Power specializes in providing nimble, intelligent, and efficient energy solutions. We understand that the energy market has evolved significantly, and flexibility is key.
  • Risk Management: Whether prices rise or fall, you can relax knowing that your contract is being professionally managed by a commodity team, using strategies appropriate to market conditions and individual customer needs.
  • Flexible first timers: We specialise in helping customers secure a flexible contract for the first time.
Contract Options with Direct Power:

Multi-Purchase Contracts:

  • Ideal for organizations consuming 0.5 GWh (500,000 kWh) or more.
  • Offers risk-managed, price-optimized solutions.
  • Adjust purchases based on market dynamics and operational requirements.

Basket Flexible Framework:

  • All the benefits of a flexible contract without any of the work or worry.
  • Commodity purchased by the commodity team at screen price, avoiding additional risk premiums.

Annual Block Purchase on a Flexible Framework:

  • Provides budget certainty for a year without the supplier risk premium associated with fixed contracts.
  • Commodity purchased at screen price, avoiding additional risk premiums.

Bespoke Purchase on a Flexible Framework:

  • Tailored strategy based on your specific requirements and risk appetite.
  • Upper and lower trigger points for added comfort.
How Can Direct Power Assist You?
  • We work closely with you to determine the best contract strategy.
  • Whether you’re a large consumer or a smaller organization, we have solutions to fit your needs.

As Opus Energy shifts away from quoting flexible electricity contracts, consider Direct Power as your reliable flexible partner. Reach out to us today to explore flexible contract options tailored to your business. Let’s navigate the energy market together!

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