What help is available to defer energy bills during the Corona Virus Crisis?

The health and physical impacts of the Corona Virus are obvious and devastating. We owe so much to those front line workers who are putting it all on the line for the well-being of the rest of us. There is not much we can say on the matter, other than thank you, as our words do not do justice to their efforts!

Whilst the physical devastation in terms of illness and loss of life is a sharp shock, the financial impact of this virus will be felt for years to come and do far reaching damage to individuals, businesses, and governments around the globe. We have already received several calls from UK businesses on the option to defer energy bills. The UK Government is offering multiple options to help people and businesses lessen the impact of this crisis and get back on their feet. Please visit the UK Government’s Website for updated details on all the schemes that are available.

The UK’s energy Suppliers are also stepping up during these challenging times. They are prioritising servicing the most vulnerable, needy, and the NHS. Their staff are working from home and non-essential tasks are being deferred so staff can be reassigned to deal with priority situations. The suppliers fully appreciate that there will be financial struggles ahead. They themselves will have their own challenges ahead, as no one man, woman, or business is immune to the impact of this virus. The silver lining is that a number of suppliers have reached out to Direct Power, advising that where ever possible, they will work with customers, reviewing accounts on a case by case basis, offering payment plan options to ease the financial pressure during this crisis. It isn’t perfect, but we do not live in a perfect world. At the end of the day, we are all in this together and we have to collaborate in order to pull through. So if you are experiencing financial hardship at this time due to the Corona Virus Crisis, get in touch, at Direct Power we will do our best to help businesses request assistance and understanding from the gas and energy supplier. We will help you work with the supplier to arrange a plan to bridge the gap to better days ahead.

Don’t wait for your next gas or electricity bill to arrive. If you can’t pay your next business gas or electricity bill due to Corona Virus get in touch today to see if you have the option to defer energy bills. We will help you to liaise with the supplier. Our aim will be to find a pathway forward that helps you keep your business afloat, and helps the supplier maintain customers.

Please get in touch. Just like you our business is dealing with the negative impact of Corona Virus. This is the one thing we can do to help our fellow business owners and suppliers with whom we have partnered for nearly 20 years.

Questions about deferring payment of your bills?