EDF allowing qualifying customers to reset prices mid-contract

Energy prices have been on a rollercoaster ride over the past few years. If you were fortunate enough to secure your contract during the decade low prices on offer during COVID lockdown, you have been sitting pretty. On the flip side, if you were unfortunate to secure a contract during the energy price crisis of late 2022, you will be very familiar with just how expensive energy can be. The good news is that prices have plummeted from their peak, so at present time, contract renewals are not as shocking as previously.

There is more good news for some EDF customers whose contract ends after 31/04/24, as they may now qualify for a Reset contract, commonly referred to as a Blend & Extend contract.

EDF is now enabling some customers to benefit from the reduction in energy prices mid-contract thanks to a Reset offering. In layman’s terms, if the EDF customer’s contract was secured when prices were peaking, they can add extra months to the existing contract at today’s market price. EDF is requesting a minimum of 12 months addition, or maximum duration up to a 30-Sep-26 end date, as this enables EDF to Blend and Extend the contracts high rates with today’s lower prices resulting in the customer being able to enjoy lower prices as of April 2024, instead of waiting for their contract to end.

This approach helps qualifying customers to improve cash flow, sooner rather than later. It improves the customer’s competitiveness and could make the difference between an organising thriving instead of simply surviving.

The window to secure this Reset offer is short. Qualifying customers must conclude the EDF reset contract during January or February in order to enjoy the reset prices from April onwards.

You can learn more about the product here.

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