What to expect with an Energy Efficiency Audit…

The purpose on an Energy Efficiency Audit is to review the site’s energy systems, options for improvements and feasi,bility of ‘Invest to Save’ actions. The study will consider options for reducing energy consumption, operating costs and carbon emissions. The study will conclude with recommendations and next steps.

Scope of Works

Most clients start with a Level 1 Audit as defined in ISO 50002 which identifies appropriate and cost-effective ‘Invest to Save’ measures together with LZC (low and zero carbon) energy solutions, e.g. heat pumps and renewable energy technologies. The outcomes of the study will include:

  • Review and understand current energy use and energy management systems.
  • Audit of existing energy systems.
  • Review existing heat / cooling / electrical demands.
  • Review opportunities for reducing fuel inputs and improving economics of systems.
  • Identify how renewable energy technology can be integrated effectively and efficiently into the energy system.

Given the early stages of the process, the study will be at pre-feasibility level. Although we will aim to make clear recommendations, the output will not include detailed design solutions as this will be best articulated at subsequent stages.

A Level 1 audit comprises of the following features:

  • Provides a quantitative overview of energy performance based on overview data.
  • Intended to determine the potential for energy performance improvement based on
    further assessment to identify specific systems that merit a greater level of attention
  • Aimed at small to medium sized organizations, for whom a detailed audit is not normally
  • Can also be used as a preliminary audit for larger organizations.
  • Involves a tour of the site to visually inspect energy using systems.
  • Includes an evaluation of overall energy consumption data to analyse energy uses and
  • Identifies no-cost and low-cost opportunities for improvement of energy performance.
  • Aimed at moving towards best practice operation of equipment, staff training and building
    basic capacity to manage energy consumption and use.

The accuracy of costs and benefits would generally be sufficient for low cost operational


Fee for delivering the work as per the above scope start at £1,500.00 plus VAT including expenses for single site SME customers, and rise with a customer’s property portfolio and energy usage complexities. A Draft Report will be submitted for approval and/or amendments prior to issuing the Final Report. All reports will be provided electronically in pdf format.

Payment Terms
  • 50% invoiced following the site survey.
  • 50% invoiced prior to submission of Draft Report.
  • Payment due 7 days from date of invoice and before submission of the Report.

Project delivery timescale to be agreed, at the time of publishing the lead time is 3-4 weeks. Typical site surveys for single site SME customers require a maximum 1 day on-site visit.

Energy Auditor

We used experienced energy auditors, with extensive experience of commercial premises and building energy systems and identifying improvements, including renewable energy systems. Qualifications typically include MSc Renewable Energy and PRINCE2 Project Management, Chartered Energy Manager, ESOS Lead Assessor, registered EnCO Consultant and a member of the Energy Institute’s Register of Professional Energy Consultants (RPEC).

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