What is an Energy Efficiency Audit?

Many of Direct Power’s customers are deciding that now is the time to invest in an energy efficiency audit. With energy costs soaring to peak prices, the cost benefit for energy efficiency is greater than ever. The timeframe to receive a return on in investment is shrinking just as fast as prices are climbing.

An energy audit is an efficient, effective and economical approach to minimising costs, consumption and carbon emissions. It will highlight any scope for generation of energy, helping your organisation to become less exposed to price fluctuations. It will also give you peace of mind that you are doing all you can to mitigate your exposure to surging energy costs. You can also improve your standing amongst your customers, clients, and tenants by assuring them you are a responsible energy consumer.

Existing customers of Direct Power will benefit from a fast tracked application process, so contact your account manager today to get the process started. New customers to Direct Power should get in touch so we can tailor a plan appropriate to your needs.

How does an energy efficiency audit work?

We will prepare a quote for the works appropriate to your site(s). The quote will be in proportion to the complexity of your energy consumption. As a rough guide, single site customers with low consumption should budget around £1,500 for the audit. The cost of the audit will increase according to the number of sites in your portfolio and complexity of energy consuming processes at site. With gas and electricity at record highs, this cost is a small investment to help you save on energy consumption for years to come.

An energy efficiency expert will visit your site(s), review the processes, buildings and operations. They will prepare a report for you to review. The energy efficiency report will summarise the status quo and outline scope for improvements. These improvements will be broken down in detail, showing cost of work vs. energy savings, along with the pay-back. Each improvement will have a detailed description, including the rationale, risks, and next steps for the customer to action.

Do the right thing for your budget, the environment, and your customers! Get in touch with Direct Power today to schedule your energy efficiency audit. As you can appreciate, demand for this service is sky high, so the sooner you get in touch, the sooner the expert will be at your site, helping you reduce your consumption and costs.

Need an Energy Efficiency Audit?