An easy way to get paid for your energy exports!

With rising energy prices, an increasing number of organisations are installing their own generation, including: wind turbines, solar, anaerobic digestors, and hydro generators. Now, more than ever, you want to get a good deal when you export the unused energy back to the grid. In order to get paid for your energy exports you need:

  • Export Meter
  • Export Meter Operator, Data Aggregator/Data Collector Agreement (Export MOP, DC/DA).
  • Power Purchasing Agreement, aka PPA.

Don’t spend time arranging your own PPA, only to have the supplier offer you too little for your energy. At the time of writing this blog, our customer’s PPA prices were 4-5 times that of one of the 6 big suppliers price! Most customers will go for the straight forward fixed price PPA, with more complex flexible or pass through PPAs on offer for the largest energy exporters.

Direct Power can take the hassle out of securing your PPA and ensure you get paid a fair price. To get started, simply get in touch, we will need to know the below details to prepare your PPA and get you paid for your exports!

  • Export MPAN number, provided by the local Distribution Company when you agree to connect an Export Meter. It will be 23 digits long.
  • Install capacity, if uncertain check with the installer of the generation equipment (solar/turbine).
  • Generation type (solar?).
  • Preferred contract start date.
  • Company name to use on the PPA.
  • If you have already arranged an EXPORT MOP, DC/DA please share a copy, if not we will arrange one for you.

Direct Power is here to assist UK businesses with all of their energy needs. We look forward to helping you get paid for all your energy exports, so CONTACT US today!

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