ESOS Qualification Criteria…

Participation in The UK’s Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme, aka ESOS, is compulsory for large organisations. The aim of the scheme is to help focus large business’s attention on energy efficiency.

ESOS Qualification criteria are:
1. Organisations employing 250 or more people, or
2. Organisations with an annual turnover in excess of €50 million (£44,845,000), and an annual balance sheet total in excess of €43 million (£38,566,700)

Does your business have ESOS requirements or are you unsure if your business is required to comply?  Ask yourself:
• Did you miss the Phase Two compliance deadline on 5th, December, 2019?
• Have you received a reminder from the Environment Agency?
• Do you want help to avoid failure to comply penalties?

If you answered yes to any of the above, first things first, do not panic. But simultaneously do not bury your head in the sand. Failure to comply and co-operate with the Environment Agency may result in expensive fines. Get in touch with Direct Power in order to find a Lead Assessor and ensure prompt compliance with Phase Two.

In order to speed things up, briefly review your organisation’s set-up and businees structure. Answer the below simple questions and get in touch straight away. We will help you to comply with ESOS and ward off the penalty charges, as they can often be costly. Plus, think of the bright side, you may discover new ways to save energy and money in the years to come!

What we need to know to help with ESOS:
• Number and type/use of buildings in each business and physical locations (as a minimum, the postcodes).
• Approximate number of company vehicles in each business.
• Approximate annual energy use/spend of each business.

If you need help with ESOS make us your first call!

Need help with ESOS?