Competitive Export Payments, Competitive Export PPA!

Well done! Chances are, if you are reading this blog you have done the calculations, invested in self-generation, or perhaps installed solar on the roof. Now it is time to get paid for your excess energy that you export back to the grid. At Direct Power we ensure our customers get a very healthy price for their energy exports. The most recent Export PPA that we secured had a rate that was 55% better than the competition.

There is one little step that catches out quite a few first time energy exporters, and that is the need for an Export Meter Operator, Data Collector/Data Aggregator (Export MOP, DC/DA).

Many customers forget about the need for an Export MOP, DC/DA. Without these supplementary services in place you cannot get paid for your excess energy. These services are not costly, but can be confusing to arrange. Most MOP suppliers will require an Export MOP contract to cover the Import MPAN that is associated with the Export MPAN. Not all MOP, DC/DA providers will offer a tailored solution to Export Meters. We work with Export MOP, DC/DA providers to help you avoid paying too much for these services, ensuring you are ready to receive payments for the energy you Export. We will take care of this requirement for any customer that uses our service to arrange their PPA. We can also offer help for customers who have already secured their own PPA.

Please get in touch today so we can help you with all aspects of Energy Export. If you already have a PPA in place, have a copy handy so we can provide you with a quick quote for the upcoming renewal. If you are new to energy export, please have your Export MPAN to hand, and an idea of how much energy you will be exporting to the grid. Call if you have any questions or concerns, we are here to help you as best we can.

Don’t let your excess energy go to waste! Do what is right for your budget and the environment, and get in touchContact for guidance and competitive Export contracts, Export PPAs and Export MOP, DC/DA contracts today.

Need an Export MOP?