What do you do when your broker or TPI fails to manage your Flexible Purchasing Agreement for energy, electricity or gas?

There are plenty of victims in the current electricity crisis, from the pensioner struggling to pay their heating bill, to the large company that has to choose between paying their energy bill or their workers’ wages. Many energy suppliers have exited the market, and those that remain are reluctant to gain new customers.

Amongst all the doom and gloom, there is one class of victim that doesn’t get media attention. These are the savvy customers who did their homework, secured a flexible contract to mitigate the price crisis, but have been let down by poor, negligent or miss-managed flexible purchases. A common scenario is when the broker who secured the flexible contract for the end consumer fails, leaving behind a consumer with no flexible purchasing protocols. When this happens, suppliers will purchase energy as a last resort for the end consumer, which ensures continued supply, but is not a cost effective scenario. This is a terrible outcome, the consumer is on a flexible contract, without enjoying any of the benefits of flexible purchasing. To make matters worse, consumers who found themselves in this scenario over winter ‘22/’23 have been dealt a further blow. Un-managed flexible contracts over this period may fail to secure the full scope of discount available under the Energy Bill Relief Scheme.

Direct Power has successfully helped unwind miss-managed and un-managed flexible contracts, replacing them with a contract that is more fit for purpose, saving energy consumers work, worry, and money.

If you secured a flexible contract, only to find it being miss-managed, or worse that you have been abandoned by the broker or TPI who arranged the contract, please get in touch today. Direct Power is here to help navigate you through these difficult situation, so CONTACT US today!

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