Two easy ways to track your gas usage…

Help! Need to know how to access your gas data with a new supplier?

Some suppliers offer good online tools to help you track and monitor your gas usage, others don’t offer this kind of service at all. With multiple suppliers exiting the market this past year, it is not uncommon for customers to have signed up to a contract with a supplier that offered online consumption reporting, and then because their supplier exited the market, find themselves with a supplier that does not offer online gas data. A perfect of example of this is when Orsted exited the market and their portfolio was taken over by Total. Orsted’s customer website offered gas data in an easy to use format, whilst Total do not currently have this option. Not to worry, if you find yourself in this situation we have solutions for you. Get in touch today to discuss which option is most appropriate for your needs. We want to get your gas data to you in a format that makes it easy for you to save time, money and gas. We can help arrange the install of a Gas Data Logger, or explore appointing your own Gas Meter Asset Manager.

What is a Gas Data Logger?
A Gas Data Logger is a device that can be fitted to a spare pulse output on your current meter with no down time. A Gas Data Logger enables access to your gas data, and that data can be presented in a myriad of reports and forms appropriate for your needs. Want to compare usage across all your sites? Want to compare usage against the outside temperature? Want to report your carbon emissions? Not a problem, a Gas Data Logger can prepare these reports, and many more, for you. Why stop with only a Gas Data Logger? Did you know that we can also add loggers to electricity and water meters, so you can access all your consumption in one place.

What is a Gas Meter Asset Manager?
Meter Asset Managers (MAM) are responsible for the design, installation, commissioning, maintenance, removal and disposal of gas supply meters. Consumers are finally waking up to the fact that they have the right to appoint their own preferred MAM, which enables you to take control of your gas data, regardless of which gas supplier you choose. If Direct Power help you to set up the MAM it will come with AMR included, enabling you to access your data from anywhere on a day +1 basis. We can also set you up with all kinds of reports, so you and your colleagues get the data you need delivered to your in-box, or visible on the online portal.

Each day without a Gas Data Logger or appointing your own MAM is a day where you work for your data, instead of the data working for you. Contact us today and let’s help you take control of your gas data.

Need to track gas usage?