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At Direct Power we are fortunate to have many clients who have remained with us for 15 plus years. Given the competitive nature of the market place, we pride ourselves on this statistic. Our client’s aren’t apathetic, they proactively chose to work with us. We don’t cold call them or bully them into a contract, so it is safe to assume that we must be doing something right to keep our clients this long.

On reflection, many of our long term clients share some of the same characteristics, and it is these that help to ensure the partnership with Direct Power works to everyone’s advantage. Following as many of these principals as possible enables Direct Power to better serve the client, and ultimately the client benefits from a professional, efficient working relationship.

At the end of the day our clients are professionals, just like our account managers and the suppliers. We all have busy work days, and with daily price fluctuations in the energy markets, securing a contract can sometimes be a tedious time sensitive process. We have found that clients who exhibit the below traits dramatically help Direct Power to better serve the client, and ultimately that is what we aspire to do:

Promptness – Client responds to prices and contract paperwork same day. With daily price changes it is in everyone’s interest to complete tasks first time. The cost to serve a prompt client is lower than one who requires multiple requotes and thus better for client, Direct Power and Supplier.
Communicative – Gets in touch when things change, e.g. if usage patterns change due to the installation of new machinery. This open dialogue helps Direct Power to develop an appropriate strategy for evolving needs, and guard against minimum or maximum take charges.
Proactive when on the move – gets in touch prior to a relocation. This is the key to avoiding paying for usage beyond lease date, and for paying expensive Non Contract Rates when you move into a new site.
Attentive – We don’t spam our clients, so when we send an e-mail it will be something that requires a response. Such as when sending a kVa or Capacity Check report, many customers are paying for too much capacity than their needs, others will be impacted by excess capacity changes, about to get much more expensive 01-Apr-18.
Decisive – Makes a decision and doesn’t look back. We cannot change the past, but we can ensure a competitive future. You have to remember a renewal price is a reflection of current rates, just as much as renewal rates. So instead of lamenting an increase, the client can pat themselves on the back for securing a long term competitive contract at the former renewal date.
Respectful – When working on prices for any given site we can be liaising with 10-20 contacts at various suppliers, as you can imagine, this is quite a time commitment by both Direct Power and the Suppliers we work alongside. Our long term clients understand this, and will stick to their contract signature dates, or advise in advance if they need to re-schedule out of respect for everyone’s time. We have many clients who book contracts and securing prices within five minutes of price review, this process doesn’t have to drag on over multiple price refreshes.
Confident – We don’t force a client to work with us, it is of their own free will to work with Direct Power, so our repeat clients have confidence that we will deliver competitive prices and customer service. This is still true even when prices are rising. Our long term client’s don’t shoot the messenger when they see price increases, they understand this is a liquid market, and prices can go up and down. They don’t go and engage with multiple brokers to do the same job for them multiple times over in the hope that there is something unturned out there.
Honest – If there is something that needs to be addressed or improved our long term clients let us know, and we will work with you to improve.
Brainstorming – We chomp at the bit to find solutions to the atypical requests, so ask up about your problems, we will brainstorm with you to come up with a great solution.
Direct – The decision maker/contract signatory has a direct line of contact with their account manager, this streamlines the decision making and avoids confusion.
Not gullible – Many clients will receive cold calls from our competition, and be over promised and undersold. Our long term clients weren’t born yesterday, they realise that not all contracts or suppliers are created equal, and seek guidance on offers received from sources outside of Direct Power.

So happy 15 year anniversary to the many clients who have been with us since day one… we look forward to celebrating bigger anniversaries with many more in the years to come!

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