Helping to arrange metering and temporary builders supplies…

At Direct Power we have close to 20 years of experience with all kinds of energy related issues, including extensive experience handling new connections and arranging temporary builders supplies for mechanical and electrical (M&E) consultants and engineers.

If you are an M&E professional and want to streamline gas and electricity meter installs, look no further than Direct Power for help with all your metering needs. We have worked with multiple M&E consultants, from small scale one off projects, to large scale developments. We leave the mechanical and electrical details to the M&E professional, and save them time when it comes to dealing with meter installs and contract negotiations. Direct Power compliments the role of the M&E professional, helping them deliver their projects on time, economically and efficiently. We don’t overlap services, we work together to deliver a more efficient solution.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Provide electricity and gas meter installs in a timely and cost efficient manner.
  • Works with M&E consultants to provide both permanent new connections and temporary builders supplies.
  • Help M&E consultants with electricity and gas supply contracts, facilitating contracts and meter installs according to the requirements of each job.
  • Assist M&E consultants with meter installs for: new builds, refurbishments, single sites, multi-sites, temporary builders supplies and permanent supplies.
  • Assist with Meter Operator, Data Collector and Data Aggregator (MOP, DC/DA) Contracts which are required for Half Hourly electricity meter connections.
  • Assist with supply contract negotiations and supply contract management, and hand over of responsibility from the M&E consultant to the end consumer.

If you are a mechanical and electrical consultant don’t try to do it all. Partner with Direct Power for help getting the meters installed so your customer projects are delivered on time, and without stress.

For more prompt assistance, it is ideal if you could have the following details to hand when contacting Direct Power for assistance. Most details can be found on the connection agreement you will have signed when issued with your electricity MPAN or gas MPR number. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the details, drop us a line and we can assist you.

  • Company details to have on hand:
  • Company name for supply contract
  • Site Address
  • Site contact details
  • MPAN number for electricity as provided by your Distribution Company on their connection agreement paperwork
  • MPR number for gas
  • Date your site will be ready for meter install
  • Will the connection be required for longer or less than 12 months?
  • Estimated annual consumption in kWh, (e.g. 10,000kWh for a small temporary builders supply)
  • Authorised Supply Capacity in kVa, as confirmed by the Distribution Company

At Direct Power we value our mechanical and electrical customers and work hard so they don’t have to when it comes to all things meter related. Get in touch today to see how we can assist you accomplish your M&E projects.

Need a meter or temporary builders supply?