Get your MOP in place for your Half Hourly new connection!

When arranging a new half hourly connection there are three main contracts to arrange in order to keep your project on track:

1st – Connection Agreement
This is between the Consumer and the local Distribution Company, e.g. Northern Power Grid for a client in Yorkshire. The Connection Agreement sets out the type of connection and capacity shown in kVa that will be available for the meter. Plug in your post code to find out the name of your local Distribution Company.

2nd – Meter Operator Contract
All Half Hourly Meters require a Meter Operator, aka MOP Agreement. This covers the supply and ongoing maintenance of the meter. Annual MOP costs will vary by type of meter and duration of contract. Annual costs run from below £200 to £800+. The longer the contract the cheaper the price. The most common type of MOP contract will run you around £250/year for a five year contract. A Five year term is the standard duration. To reduce consumer costs further it is common to add Data Collector/Data Aggregator services to the MOP contract instead of paying these via the supply contract. Contact us for a bespoke quote.

3rd – Supply Contract
The supply contract is between the end consumer and the electricity supplier. This sets out the rates that will appear on the monthly bills.


Take note!
A meter cannot be installed without all three contracts in place. Once the Connection Agreement is secured an MPAN number is issued. Direct Power will take this MPAN number and prepare MOP and Supply contracts for your review. Once MOP and Supply contracts are secured simultaneously, Direct Power will instruct the relevant data flows to ensure timely MPAN registration and metering appointment scheduling.

Don’t struggle with this process, there are many parties involved and Direct Power has 15+ years of experience in this field. We can streamline and simplify what is often a tedious and intimidating process!

We are here to help, get in touch for assistance with MOPS for new connections and supply contracts for new connections.

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