Why choose a multi-purchase electricity contract over a fixed price contract?

You may opt for a multi-purchase electricity contract over a fixed price contract for several reasons:

  • Cost optimization: A multi-purchase electricity contract allows you to take advantage of market fluctuations in electricity prices. By purchasing electricity at different times and prices, your organisation can potentially secure lower prices during periods of low demand or favourable market conditions. This strategy can help optimize energy costs and potentially result in savings compared to a fixed price contract.
  • Flexibility: Multi-purchase contracts provide flexibility in managing electricity procurement. Organisations can adapt their purchasing strategy based on market conditions, energy demand, and business needs. You can choose to make purchases in smaller quantities or adjust the timing of purchases to align with operational requirements.
  • Risk management: Multi-purchase contracts can help mitigate the risk associated with price volatility. By diversifying the purchasing approach, you can spread the risk across multiple contracts and pricing periods. If electricity prices rise significantly during a specific period, you could have purchased a portion of the energy at lower prices, reducing the overall impact of price fluctuations.
  • Budget certainty: While multi-purchase contracts may introduce some price variability, they can still provide budget certainty compared to fixed price contracts. By monitoring the market and implementing a well-informed purchasing strategy, you can establish a more accurate energy budget, accounting for potential price fluctuations and minimizing unexpected cost variations.
  • Transparency and control: Multi-purchase contracts offer greater transparency and control over the procurement process. With a multi-purchase contract via Direct Power you can make your own purchasing decisions, or take a hassle-free approach and allow the commodity trader to secure your energy based upon their daily interactions with market intelligence. This hands-off approach keeps your administration burden low whilst giving you access to competitive pricing.
  • Direct Power enables smaller users to secure a Multi-Purchase contract: Historically only the largest consumers could qualify for multi-purchase contracts, fortunately we are able to help smaller sized customers reap the benefits of this more intelligent way to secure energy. By assigning your commodity purchase decisions to a commodity trader, we can make the process streamline and efficient.
  • Convert to a fixed price: If you decide you prefer greater budget certainty, you can simply decide to buy all your commodity volume in one go, which in essence converts a multi-purchase contract into a fixed contract.

The suitability of a multi-purchase contract versus a fixed price contract depends on various factors, including your organisation’s energy consumption profile, risk appetite, market conditions, and available resources to monitor and manage energy procurement. Get in touch with Direct Power today in order to conduct a thorough analysis of these factors, helping you to determine the most suitable contract type for your oragnisation’s specific needs.

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