Getting power to your self-build…

Are you a self-builder in need of a gas or electricity meter install? Do you want to speak with a real human to complete this task? Look no further, at Direct Power we have 17 years of experience offering new connections. Building your own home is a very personal, all-encompassing, worthwhile endeavour. Trust us, at Direct Power we know this first hand! Our team members have tackled various self-builds over the years.

All you have to do is tell us a little bit about your site so that one of our “Human Connection New Connection” team members can tackle your job. We work with various suppliers to deliver you a reliable meter install experience. Our aim is to deliver you a meter install solution that is timely, efficient, affordable and friendly. We will handle the metering, so you can concentrate on building your new home instead of going around the suppliers trying to get connected. In most cases our charge is £100+VAT per meter.  We keep the charge minimal so you can keep your project running to budget and on time.

In order for us to help, simply call 0113 322 6135 or CONTACT US with as many of the below details as possible. Don’t worry, if you are missing some information we will work with you to get the information that is required to keep your connection project rolling along.

  • Customer Name:
  • Customer Contacts:
  • Site address:
  • MPAN for electricity connection:
  • MPR for gas connection:
  • Date the site will be ready for meter install:
  • Estimated annual consumption, if a house or flat use 10,000kWh as a guide.
  • Tariff preference, i.e. do you want to pay the same rate 24h/day or would you prefer a day/night tariff?
  • Payment preference, Direct Debit or non-Direct Debit? Note, Direct Debit is cheaper, and frequently required.

We look forward to helping you get the gas on and lights working at your self-build. Call 0113 322 6135 or CONTACT US… after all, there is no place quite like home!


Need a new connection for a self-build?