Orsted Deemed Rates …

Orsted announced they will be exiting much of the UK market. They will not be offering renewal prices for clients who consume less than 30GWh, as they will only be working to service the largest of energy consumers going forward.

If you are a mid or small sized energy consumer, currently supplied with gas or electricity from Orsted you don’t have to worry, but you do need to take action.

Orsted will honour your contract and continue to service your account, but they will not offer you a renewal price. This means you must secure a new contract with an alternate supplier. If you fail to secure a new contract, once the contract ends you will be charged on very expensive Deemed Rates. Deemed Rates are extremely expensive and you need to avoid them at all cost. There is no need to panic, but do take action. Contact Direct Power today if you need help arranging a contract to move your supply from Orsted to an alternate supplier.

If you have already passed your contract end date and remain with Orsted on Deemed Rates, don’t delay another minute, get in touch with Direct Power today. We want to help you move to an alternate supplier on double time. You don’t need to give Orsted Termination notice, and they will not charge a termination fee, so time is of the essence to minimise the amount you pay for gas and electricity on Deemed Rates. We remind you that just like other suppliers, you must ensure all bills are paid up to date, as outstanding debt will delay the transfer away from Orsted’s Deemed Rates.

So in summary, if you are currently supplied by Orsted, they will not want to renew your contract. Get in touch with Direct Power today for assistance moving to a new supplier and help avoid expensive Deemed Rates.

On Contract with Orsted?