Will it affect me?

A number of customers have been contacting Direct Power with concerns following the recent Conservative Party’s Price Cap Proposal. In brief, the proposal is aimed at complacent domestic customers, i.e. those who do nothing and remain on Suppliers’ expensive Standard Tariffs. These are sometimes referred to as Deemed Rates or Variable Rates.

If you partner with Direct Power you don’t need to worry about this energy price cap proposal. Direct Power clients are neither domestic nor complacent. Our customer base consists of business consumers, and by virtue of engaging with our service, they all are active participants in the energy market, even if we do the work for them!

Direct Power Account Managers all have 15+ years of experience, and maintain our clients year on year. When we perform a price investigations for the client, are customers are engaging with the market without expending their precious time. We are here to ensure our clients secure competitive contracts as efficiently as possible. In fact, we often spend weeks working on client’s pricing behind the scenes, so the client only has to spend two minutes reviewing options with their account manager and signing their preferred contract.

At Direct Power, we work with multiple suppliers, testing prices to ensure that our clients secure rates that are competitive and appropriate to their needs. We don’t let our clients slip onto the expensive Standard Tariffs. Using are service ensures you are engaged, we will not rest until your contract is secured and expensive Default Rates are avoided.

Like a lot of what politicians of all parties say, there is a lot of spin associated with this price cap proposal. You can learn more and see interesting comment both pro and against at these articles:

If you check your recent bill and find you are on expensive Deemed rates, give us a call or CONTACT US and join the thousands of sites throughout the UK that benefit from never having to worry about paying expensive Deemed rates ever again.

Will the Price Cap Proposal affect you?