Reducing Capacity at Your Site…

The start of the New Year brings with it a number of resolutions, this year, why not ditch the ‘eat less, move more’ and pick a resolution that Direct Power can help you with. How about you ensure your Half Hourly meter has an appropriate Agreed Supply Capacity (ASC)? You never know, we could review your capacity and find scope for savings. Over the past year we have helped multiple clients identify major savings by simply reducing their Agreed Supply Capacity. You pay for each kVa of ASC whether you use it or not, month in, month out. Many clients inherit the previous occupier or landlord’s capacity and end up paying for much more than they need. It is a good idea to review your kVa needs on an annual basis, or more frequently is you make major changes to equipment or routines. At Direct Power, we want to ensure you pay for what you need and nothing else.

How to get started?

Review recent bills to identify if your ASC is greater or less than your kVa Maximum Demand figure. Don’t struggle, if you forward your bill to us we can do this for you.

So my kVa MD is less than my Agreed Supply Capacity, what next?

Good news! There may be scope for savings. You pay for each kVa of ASC whether you use it or not. If your peak usage is below the ASC get in touch, we can investigate a reduction and savings for you.

My kVa MD is greater than my Agreed Supply Capacity, or Excess Capacity Charges appear on my bill, what next?

It could be that your ASC is not great enough to match your current needs. Get in touch with Direct Power for assistance with increasing your ASC to the appropriate level to eliminate the Excess Capacity Charges and ensure your current set up is correct for your needs.

Let's reduce your energy bills...