Are you on Half Hourly Supply with Total Gas & Power?

If you see “TGP Default MOP” charges typically at £45/month on your bill from Total, you are simply paying too much. All Half Hourly meters require a Meter Operator (MOP). If you do not appoint your own, you will be charged expensive Default MOP charges by your supplier. If you have a Half Hourly meter, which is an MPAN starting 00, and are on supply with Total, get in touch with Direct Power today to ensure you are not paying too much for your MOP. Some lucky customers with a COP 10 Half Hourly meter can secure up-to 70% savings over Total’s default MOP charge. This works out to be £1,900 savings over the course of the standard five year MOP contract. Customers who have a COP 5 Half Hourly meter can secure 52% savings. This works out to £1,400 savings over the course of the standard five year MOP contract. You are required to have a MOP, you don’t have to be ripped off!

What is Total Gas & Power’s Default MOP Charge?
Total Default MOP charges are applied when you have not appointed your own provider for these services.

What is a MOP?
MOP stands for Meter Operator, and it is their role to provide and maintain your electricity meter and communications, typically on a five year lease contract. If you see a Meter Operator Charge on your supply bill, this is a default MOP charge. The charge gets passed through when the customer has not appointed their own provider for this service. We have seen Total bill customers as much as £45/month, £540/year for default MOP charges. This is way too expensive. We have been able to deliver customers as much as 70% savings on default MOP charges: savings of £380/year. Get in touch today to see if we can arrange similar savings for your account. It is certainly better to have an extra £280/year in your account rather than pay this out to Total!

Be Careful!
We have come across instances when Total and other suppliers have double billed clients for MOP. If you have your own MOP contract in place, and suspect you are being double billed in error, please get in touch, Direct Power can help to arrange a credit for any erroneous double billing.

The moral is, pay attention to the line items buried on your bill. Complacency is easy and understandable when it comes to reconciling your monthly electricity bill, but pay attention as there may be significant savings to be found! If you suspect double billing, or don’t understand anything get in touch with Direct Power. At the very least we can answer your questions about MOP services. At the very best we can find you significant savings on MOP services.

On Supply with Total?