Why it’s important to track gas usage… 

Tracking gas usage is becoming more and more important. With energy costs sky rocketing, the best way to reduce energy spend is to take control of your gas usage. Thanks to new tools, it has never been easier to access and interpret your gas usage data. At Direct Power we can help you to view your gas data to save money, time, hassle and carbon emissions. We can set you and your colleagues up to automatically receive dynamic and interactive consumption reports. When you know how and when you are using gas, you can better control your consumption and spend.

With individuals and companies prioritising energy efficiency, your gas usage data is the key to identifying and eliminating inefficiencies. We can help you to use your gas data to lower gas consumption.

Let Direct Power set up Gas Data reporting to ensure that carbon emissions reporting is easy and efficient. Doing your part for a greener future shouldn’t be burdensome.

It is imperative to set up tools that allow your gas data to work for you, instead of you working for your gas data. By this we mean for you to stop reviewing bills for consumption trends, and start using automatic reports and alarms to accomplish your objectives. There are various options out there, we will help you determine which one is right for you. One of the below options will help to save your organisation more than just gas. For example, by fitting a Gas Data Logger you can save gas, money and the most finite of all resources, your time. With a Gas Data Logger you will gain access to information to accomplish lower carbon emissions, lower gas consumption and reduce the manual workload. Say goodbye to meter readings, say goodbye to reviewing bills for data, say hello to taking control over your gas usage.

How can I track my gas usage? There are a few of options that enable you to track your gas usage:

Review your bills – the old school approach. This is the most basic way to monitor usage, low tech, anyone can do it. Remember, in the current market, a more expensive bill doesn’t necessarily mean higher usage, it could be that your new contract rates are much more expensive than your former contract rates. Make sure you look at the kWh on the bill, not the cost. Also, your bill will only help you track usage if accurate meter reads are used. Reach out to Direct Power today for assistance, or request your supplier install AMR if you are still being billed to estimates.

Supplier online tools – many of the suppliers we work with offer online access to billing and consumption data as part of their supply contract. Some supplier websites are better than others, offering automatically generated reports, and displaying gas consumption in a user friendly manner. Get in touch with Direct Power today for assistance logging onto your supplier’s website to have visibility of your gas usage online. You pay for these features as part of your gas contract, so make sure you take advantage of them.

Gas Data Loggers – We can easily arrange for a Gas Data Logger to be fitted to the existing meter. A Gas Data Logger gives you and your team online access to gas consumption data in an easy, efficient and economical manner. Are you responsible for multiple sites, and want to easily compare usage across your portfolio? Not a problem, we can help you set up Gas Data Loggers across multiple sites, set alerts and reports to come to you. The aim is for the data to actually mean something and add value. We will ensure the data works for you, and stop you from running around compiling data from multiple sources. Another key reason why installing a Gas Data Logger is beneficial is because this solution is non-supplier affiliated, so perfect for customers:

        • Whose supplier or meter doesn’t offer online gas data.
        • Who have multiple meters with one or multiple suppliers and wish to monitor gas usage across a portfolio.
        • Who are on a journey to lower gas consumption.
        • Who require data to monitor and assess efficiency measures.
        • Who require data in various formats, i.e. monitor gas usage across sites, against outside temperature, across various time frames.
        • Who want a simple to use carbon reporting tool.
        • Who need to avoid any interruption to the gas supply.
        • Who want access to the gas data from any device, i.e. mobile, laptop, or for multiple colleagues.
        • Who want dynamic, interactive reports so you can drill down in the data without the need to run multiple reports
        • Who want to be able to view gas data alongside electricity and water all in one place. We can offer Data Loggers for all your utilities.

Gas Data Loggers typical cost is £281/yr. and the standard duration is a five year term, discounts are available for multi-sites. The service will more than pay for itself when you consider how much time you have wasted preparing consumption reports in the past.

If you require a Gas Data Logger then please get in touch today so we can make the arrangements for you. In order to quickly identify if your gas meter is compatible with a gas data logger we suggest that you have photos of the gas meter ready. The photos should show the whole meter from the front, top, bottom and both sides. The engineer will review the photos to see if there is a spare pulse output, which allows easy install of the data logger.

Gas Meter Asset Manager – All Gas Meters Require a Gas Meter Asset Manager (MAM), who are responsible for the design, installation, commissioning, maintenance, removal and disposal of gas supply meters. It is typical that customers use the supplier’s default MAM, or the one that has been in place since the meter was first installed. However, more and more customers are taking control of their MAM, and appointing their own, in a similar vein to appointing a MOP and DC/DA for a Half Hourly Electricity meter. Get in touch with Direct Power today to investigate your current MAM set up, to determine if it makes sense to appoint your own MAM, or go down the Data Logger route. The MAM route is best when your preferred MAM provider can adopt the existing meter without penalty. The Gas Data Logger route is more favourable when a gas meter replacement would be required, or if the default MAM were to apply a termination clause. When you secure a MAM through Direct Power it will include AMR, so you have access to your gas data online, and via automated reports. Appointing your own MAM gives you greater analytical tools, enables you to view your gas usage on the same platform, allows you flexibility to change suppliers without worrying about continuous access to gas data. This approach ensures you are not paying too much via your supplier’s default MAM.

Your gas data is there for the taking. Let Direct Power help you take control of the data, and make it easy for you to access and interpret. We will ensure the data helps your organisation achieve its budget, efficiency and emission objectives. Contact us today for all your gas data needs.

Need to track gas usage?