As we enter the opening of the new Water Market, please use the below definitions to help you understand the jargon, and make sense of some common acronyms.

  • CC WaterConsumer Council for Water – Independent representative of businesses and households in England and Wales – website link
  • CMACentral Market Agency Ltd – The organisation that administers the market for water and wastewater in Scotland – website link
  • DWIDrinking Water Inspectorate – Ensures drinking water is safe to drink for England and Wales – website link
  • DWQR – Drinking Water Quality Regulator for Scotland – Ensures drinking water is safe to drink in Scotland – website link
  • LPLicenced Provider – Your current water retailer. For a full list of Water Retailers – website link
  • MOSLMarket Operator Services Limited – Delivering & running the core IT system for England’s open water market in April 2017  – website link
  • OfWatAlso known as the Water Services Regulation Authority – Economic Regulator of Water & Sewerage Providers in England and Wales  – website link
  • Openwater – The go to website for detailed information on the open water market in England – website link
  • RVRateable Value – If you’re not metered it’s usually used to help define your cost banding
  • SIMService Incentive Mechanism – Introduced by OfWat as the national minimum incentive for customer service –
  • SPIDSupply Point Identification Number – It’s the number which identifies your meter
  • WICSWater Industry Commission for Scotland – Economic Regulator of the Scottish Water Industry – website link

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