Why pay for meters that you no longer use, no longer need?

Did you know that even if you are not consuming gas or electricity through a meter, you could be charged to cover the fixed costs associated with the meter. These standing charges can add up quickly. Why pay them if you no longer require the gas or electricity meter? Much like new meter connections, it’s not always easy organising meter disconnections. ¬†Very often we have seen business owners stuck in a black hole with non-responsive suppliers, all while being charged on an ongoing basis for several months!

At Direct Power we have helped countless clients over the years to reduce their costs and ease their administration by removing meters that are no longer required. Often times when you move into a new site there may be multiple meters, more suited to the previous occupiers requirements than yours. Or your working patterns change and you no longer need the additional gas or electricity meter at your site.

Please contact Direct Power for a bespoke meter removal quote, we will work with you to arrange a meter removal as efficiently and economically possible, so going forward you only pay for meters that you actually need.

Let's get your meter connection sorted...