Make sure your MOP is sorted!

When it comes to new connections, Opus is helping many businesses connect to the grid, or upgrade their supply to accommodate an increased load. For example this would occur going from a smaller Non Half Hourly connection to a larger Half Hourly connection.

Opus is an energy supplier, they will bill you for your consumption. However, Opus IS NOT the Meter Operator, aka a “MOP”.

If you are arranging a Half Hourly meter installation you will need to appoint your own Meter Operator, and Data Collector/Data Aggregator where required. Opus cannot help you to do this, but Direct Power can!

We have already helped a number of clients secure same day MOPs and Data Collector/Data Aggregator agreements. Direct Power will work with you, the MOP provider and supplier, Opus, or any other supplier for that matter, in order to ensure the meter install occurs as efficiently and economically as possible.

Don’t delay, if you need a MOP for a new connection, or connection increase get in touch, we are here to help.

Let's get your MOP in place...